Be still

And know that I am not God

He is God. Jesus, my Savior and Lord, is the One in command. 

He tells me in Psalm 46:10He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”‘

The best recipe for rest is to know that I am not in charge. Nope, not at all. 

So my heart looks up into His heart, and there…….I find deep rest. 💓


Chocolate, communion and a cookie

I love going to town, but I really dislike jostling with crowds. And so I search for quiet cafes, which then becomes my “default go-to” place each time that I head into that specific area. Very predictable, and a little boring…but I really like it this way. 🙂 

This afternoon – after being cooped indoors for the past few days due to the terrible haze – I decided to head out again…and away from all the incessant noise of machines, traffic, and chatter…I found respite in a cuppa hot chocolate, soft cookie and sweet, deep communion with God. 
We all need such moments sometimes. Am cherishing it…💝

Today marks my grandma’s 90th

Which means it would have been my late grandaunt’s 90th too. 

I had mixed emotions as this day started. On one hand, so grateful for this special day of my grandma and grandaunt’s birth, yet on the other hand, am still grieving over my late grandaunt’s passing and my heart still swells up over concern for my grandma and how she’s handling all of the emotions.

So I called her. 

Just to chat and hopefully bring a little bit of light into her morning. 

She laughed, she lamented, and she “smiled” through the phone. It was a short conversation, but it did me so much good. 

After doing a bit of chores around the house, I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to podcasts after podcasts, texting Julia about little random & not-so-random things, and later munched on Famous Amos cookies for tea. 

I found myself in a place of deep slowness again. The same place whenever something big hits, and I need to press the pause button in order to breathe again. 

And it felt good. 

Just not doing anything much, except to rest and regroup. Doing the next small thing in front of me, without thinking too much about the bigger picture. 

Reading devotionals and letting God’s truth seep into my soul. 

Remembering God’s love and how powerful it is when I allow it to refresh me from within. 

Enjoying laughter with Julia over Indonesian food, and persisting in appreciating the small.

Thank God for pause-days. 

Thank God for His unfailing love displayed in the ordinary. 

Thank God for seeing us through this period of grief. 


Not exactly a popular term in today’s society, where we want everything fast, efficiently, NOW.

Slowness is soft. 



You can miss it if you choose to. 

But when we choose to pay attention to the slow, the unhurried, the quiet……we open our eyes to see a lot more. 

Like admiring artwork in the midst of busy malls, where I got to sit and savour. 

Like taking afternoon strolls along the river, resting under trees providing much-needed shade. 

Like smelling and snapping a picture of my neighbor’s pretty, blossoming plant.  

Slow is good. 

Slow is so good for our souls. 🙂

Obeying the call to go slow…


sitting in the silence. 

it can be one of the best things we do for our harried souls. 

In the quiet, He whispers, “Your choice to love – was never wasted. Continue to love like I did – unconditionally.

Yes, Jesus. 👌🏻

Permission to rest…

It’s yet another Saturday morning, but it feels a little different. 

In fact, I already noticed the difference yesterday when I stepped out of my house to buy lunch. It could be the breezy, rainy weather that is soothing…or it could be the many quiet moments that I’ve been savouring…or it could also be because I’ve been intentionally slowing my steps as I walk, pacing myself to a different beat. 

One that was almost forced on me, but something that I’m learning to embrace right now. 

Y’see, I was told on Wednesday by the Gynae after our detailed scan that my placenta is low-lying. He didn’t exactly get me worried {though Bren & my parents are a bit more anxious}, but he did instruct me not to move around much – no bending, squatting, or brisk walks. 

So I’ve been slowing my steps a lot, and taking more breaks in between tasks during the day. And I have to say that it has brought me to such a position of deeper rest, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Which was quite a surprise to me. 🙂

This weekend, I’m reminding myself to allow the days to just unfold. Not to have any specific agenda {though we do have a few appointments made}, not to rush through things with an outcome-oriented perspective, not to push for my own desires to be met. But to simply rest. 

Rest, rest, rest. My soul, please rest in the Lord’s goodness. 💞

I’m seeking to entrust myself wholly into His tender care, casting all of my concerns – big and small, present and future, all onto Him.

☀️ Woke up before 6 this morning, and as I took my time to listen to the birds chirp and leisurely prepared lemon water and washed blueberries for our breakfast, a sense of calm washed over me. 

A knowing – that God is here, that God is with me, and He so loves me

I can rest. 

He gives me permission {and even instructs me!} to rest. 

My heart is excited to see how these 2 days will turn out. 

May you have a restful, beautiful weekend too, my dears! ✌🏻️

Tiny, ordinary moments

Lately, God is bringing me to a place of quietness. A place of less distractions, less noise from the world, towards a place where there’s more space for Him to speak to me.

The days are passing, and though they’re nothing to shout about, I find there is no need to do so anyway. It is in the quiet, gentle passing of ordinary days that I see how He is using the tiniest moments to still cradle me in His arms…..and to beckon me to find rest in His love. 

The folding of laundry {almost} every afternoon. 

Watching the sky brighten as I prepare breakfast for Bren and I.

Bren who prepares the humidifier every night before I sleep. {I have an incredibly sensitive nose.}

Enjoying the flutter of movements that baby does in my womb, and observing how her Papa whispers words of love to her…through silly songs and simple prayers.

There is something absolutely magical and beautiful in the quiet moments of day to day life. The beauty of each routine…& each morning sky awakening our souls to how merciful He really is. 

In a noise-filled and unpredictable world, we need to pursue silence. 

We need to intentionally bring ourselves to His feet, to quiet our souls with His Word that never ever changes. 

His Word is Truth. 

It is the Light that guides our every step – if we desire it to be so.

Baby moved this morning as I prayed, and especially when I prayed for her. 🙂 It’s an amazing thing to experience, and I cannot be more thankful. 

May she encounter the grace of our God in her daily life too, living it day by day…moment by moment, in utter dependency on our good Lord. May she have the courage and determination to say no to the ungodly things of this world, knowing that she has better things stored up in Heaven for her. 

I pray that our little family – broken and sinful as we are – will be beautiful cracked pots that allow His glory, His Light to be displayed. 

In those small, everyday moments.