My Story

Jesus is the anchor of my every day, my life. It has never been the same ever since I received Him by faith into my heart on 7 July 2006.

Also, my life’s passion has always been for the less-privileged, especially children from broken families. Started my journey in the social service line since 2001, and it opened my eyes and heart to the deep needs in our communities. Having worked with and counselled children from all sorts of backgrounds throughout the years, the one common thread I recognise is how they have such a desperate need to be loved and to be understood. A simple touch of love through being present with them, acknowledging their hurts and confusion, while guiding them to a better place…sometimes, that is really all that is needed to bring them out of a place of sadness.

My original intention when I started blogging many years back in Livejournal was simply because it seemed like a fun way to record my thoughts and connect with others as a blogging community. It was the place where new online friendships were forged, and I’m still thankful for them to this day!

When I got married in October 2010, I realised that this was also a wonderful way to keep my parents updated on my day-to-day activities since I wouldn’t see them as often. {Yes, hello Daddy & Mummy!}

Now, my prayer is that this little space of mine in WordPress will be used by Him in whichever way He wants, for His glory. On 28 February 2015, my season of work officially ended. I believe each new season brings about different purposes, and in this current season of being a stay-home Mum, I’m journalling as I learn. My posts serve as a way to record my insights, and hopefully it blesses you too.

Y’know, I’ve always dreamed of being a stay-home Mum. It was the ideal situation that I prayed for even before getting married, because I knew that I’ll always want to be around for my children, watching them grow up day by day.

But I did not expect the journey to take several twists and turns…

{read here for my post on Mothers Day 2015, where my testimony on our conceiving journey was also published in church; a very memorable day!}

Through cookiesrainandlove, may you see a child of God whose life is far from perfect {not even close!}, and that you’ll also see an incredibly faithful God whose Light shines through all her broken, dark, messy places. Just like He desires to do so through yours.

Bless you! 🙂


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