Day 21: Where You Sleep

Thankful for super-soft pillows and bolsters, and for a good bed that does not require us to turn it every few months!

Simple pleasures..



Day 17: Memories

Brought the kids out to the playground this evening for a breather, and also to celebrate one of the boys’ birthdays. It definitely brought back tons of childhood memories, and even those of the dating days… 😉

How nice it was to be young and free!


Day 15: Technology

Just got back from town with Bren, and the minute I got home, sat on the couch and started missing my dear niece. Have been able to see her almost daily since the Lunar New Year celebrations began, so it made me really sad realising that it’ll be a while till the next time we meet. Tears rolled down the moment that sank in…no kidding. 😦

But that also makes me super thankful for the wonderful technology of mobile cameras – photos are captured so easily, and I can look at pictures of her anytime of the day…

This was taken by Bren: