3 months! 

Has it been a quarter already?? I sometimes get flashbacks of our first few days with Ellie, and am always amazed at how much we’ve gone through with her. Each aspect of motherhood is so sanctifying, and my heart has never been the same ever since we first got the chance to lay eyes on our sweet baby. 

Every day holds new adventures with this little one, even if the daily routine remains the same. Night feeds hold precious memories of us semi-awake and stumbling around, trying our best to meet her needs. The breastfeeding journey has not been easy nor smooth sailing too, but the rewards are plenty. 

I can only imagine it gets better from here, each month sweeter than the last. 🙂

😘😘 May your weekend hold intangible treasures too, with just the right amount of breathing space for you to stop yourself and soak it all in… Let’s stop the busy, let’s pay attention. 

No more rushing past smiles and giggles. Let’s stop and pay closer attention. Because before we know it, February will be turning up at our door. 

//+praying this article ministers to someone: “When God’s Answer Is Not What We Expected

May we learn to trust God more each day, for He is our Creator, and the One who holds it all. 



How has your Monday been?

Ellie sends her love! 😘 

Let’s press on for the week ahead! 


It’s the middle of the night, and Ellie is getting back to sleep after fussing for a bit. She’s pretty much my alarm clock these days. 😉 

Love this fishball-face.

Blessed day y’all! ✌🏻️

2 months!



She teaches me to take delight in the simple. To go with the flow, and not an agenda nor a schedule. She tells me {loudly} when she doesn’t like something, and curls right into my arms when she wants me to hold her. 

She is growing up so fast, sometimes I feel time literally slipping away. But then I take a look at her, and give thanks that I’m able to witness her growth through the days. Her struggles, her frustrations, her hunger pangs, her cries, her smiles, her adorable babbling and cooing, her tense expressions when bathing, the sweetness when she finally falls asleep. 

Caring for her prunes my heart to find joy not in any of my external circumstances, but in Christ alone. 

I don’t want to miss anything. 

Everything is really, a gift. 🙂 

I’m learning to be brave too

Can you believe that the first time Ellie had to have her blood taken out to test for jaundice levels, I cried when I saw it happen right before my eyes? Yup, I was surprised at myself too. Probably hormonal. 😛

We brought her for another jab yesterday, and of course she screamed when she realized the pain, but the nurse later commented that she calmed down quite fast, so I’m proud of her. 🙂 

My brave little one, we’ve so much that we’re learning from you too.